Dubai is one of the cities of the world which are open to welcoming tourists from anywhere. However, the city is situated in the United Arab Emirates, southwest of the Arabian Gulf and in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. Pumping billions of hearts in mesmerism, the city offers endless sunshine, beautiful coastline, and endless deserts. Not only this but the city encompasses a perfect place for relaxation, food, entertainment, and above all shopping. The city gives an experience of snow in the desert, under the sea places, sandy grounds, and a lot of entertainment and adventure options.

Check out the top most amazing places to visit in Dubai

Dubai Aquarium: Situated in the Dubai Mall, the aquarium not less than a visit to heaven through a glass tunnel showcasing a real-life-virtual sea with a diverse range of aquatic species. Depending upon the choices, one can witness the aquarium from outside and have a tour through the glass tunnel.

4x4 desert safari: If you love thrill and adventures then there is nothing more fascinating than having a 4x4 desert safari. With loads of sands and sand mountains with a roller coaster of sand dunes give a breathtaking experience

Indoor Skydiving: If you want to feel how skydiving feels like and don't want to go in the air, you should not miss Indoor Skydiving in the world largest wind tunnel along with trainer who will help you throughout the course.

BurjKhalifa: Your Dubai tour is worthless if you don't see BurjKhalifa is the tallest building in the world and with a height of 829.8 meters, the building has 160 floors which can be seen from any part of the city. So have a 360 - degree view from the building must be an astounding experience for all.

Desert camping: Surrounding by desert has never underestimated Dubai tourism but it enhances the number of visitors to Dubai and hence it offers Desert camping from dusk till dawn.

So if you want to have a trip filled with lots of fun, shopping, entertainment, adventure, and whatnot. You should look out for Dubai tour package and unfold a new perception towards enjoyment.