India is land of plenty of destinations and attractions that make it one of the most-visited countries among the traveler lovers. Choose a destination during your visit to India has been always a difficult task among the travelers when they plan a trip to India and s all caused due to the availability of a wide range of destinations from historical to shopping. India is the land of attractions where you would not only culturally shock even also improves your knowledge that why India is so beautiful and why you have to visit there. When choosing an India holiday package one thing always come to s mind that from where to start your first day in India.

Here is the list of top-rated places that you can visit in your India holiday packages:

Feel the nature with beauty

India has many places where you can experience the natural beauty with amazing views and sightseeing such as Kashmir, Shimla, Manali, Leh and many more. From lush green garden to crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, everything you can explore in India during your visit.

Discover the incredible history

India is highly famous for its history-rich culture and you can very easily know after you visit India. There are lots of historical places such as red fort in Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra, and most famous city Rajasthan which is also called the Royal City of India and their lots of reasons behind this title. You can see century-old monuments in India which all describes their history and past.

Enjoy the trekking and adventures

India is the land of capped mountains, valleys and sand trails where you can find the multiple options for trekking. You can visit Leh Ladakh which is one of the most visited destinations for nature lovers and who love to trekking and find the adventures options.

Look at beautiful beaches and islands

During the India holiday packages, you t miss the crystal clear beaches in Goa, Andaman & Nicobar, and other multiple places. Andaman is also known for its beautiful islands and waterfalls that make it a perfect destination for beach lovers and honeymoon couples.